Stephen Gaspar is a writer of historical detective fiction. He and his wife Susan, have lived in Windsor, Ontario, Canada all their lives.
His latest book HOLMES OF BAKER STREET, is his fourth Sherlock Holmes book.
Some of his detectives include a Templar Knight, a Canadian Mountie, a Benedictine monk, and a Roman tribune.
Cover byCover by Greg Maxwell Greg Maxwell

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By 1959 Lee Linville is a junkie living on the streets of New York. He has turned away from the life as an investigator for his lawyer friend, William Fullerton, and has embraced the counterculture way of life. Fullerton comes to Lee with a job only he could do. Fullerton wants Lee to find a sixteen-year-old runaway from an affluent family who has also turned to drugs and is lost in the concrete jungle of New York.Lee must fight against his addiction and his personal demons as his search takes him to the subways of Manhattan, the blues clubs of Harlem, the beatnik scene in Greenwich Village, and the rundown tenements of the Lower East Side. Along the way Lee encounters cops, drug dealers, pimps and a colorful assortment of fellow addicts. If this is a simple runaway case, why is someone trying to kill Lee before he can find the missing girl? As well as being a fast-paced detective story, A Piece of Work is a thought-provoking, sometimes moody look at life in 1950s America where the marginalized struggle with life on a daily basis.
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Barclay Of The Mounted is the memoir of a young man who, looking for adventure and glory, joins the newly formed North-West Mounted Police in 1874. Henry Barclay, a native of Toronto travels west “to keep the peace and maintain the right of all.” Barclay is an educated young man who quotes everything from Byron to The Bible, and from Shakespeare to Shelley.
Holmes of Baker Street by Stephen Gaspar has new, exciting, and bizarre tales of Sherlock Holmes. Here are stories faithful to the short stories in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle tradition. Holmes of Baker Street has tales referred to in the original stories:

- The Abergavenny Murders
- The Tired Captain
- The Abbey School
- The Disappearance of James Phillimore
- The Terrible Death of Crosby the Banker
- The Repulsive Story of the Red Leech
- The British Barque Sophie  Anderson                                                                             

​And more! There are bonus features as well.  
In Holmes of Baker Street, we see new villains and the return of old clients.

​From the author of:
          - Sherlock 6
              - Cold-Hearted Murder
                 - The Canadian Adventures of                                                                 Sherlock Holmes

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